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Something you use every day that destroys your testosterone – Part 6

The one scary thing about testosterone is there is something that you use about every day of your life and always have on you that could seriously be hurting your testosterone production. You will never guess what that is. It’s your smartphone, which you use daily to browse the internet. Open your applications, call and text the people that you love. The deal with cell phones is that it’s accepting receiving and sending so many different signals. At various times, when that cell phone is sitting in your front pocket, listen up, guys. It sends radio signals near and around and all kinds of waves in the vicinity of your genitals, which is a huge area for testosterone production. So by doing things like having a special case that can block those certain waves and reduce those waves,  you can generously decrease those waves and how they are affecting your testosterone production, but you don’t even have to shell out a ton of money for one of those cases as long as you keep a few simple principles in mind.

One of the things that I do, and I don’t know if this helps more, this is just something I think I have gone through to convince myself of, is that I keep my cell phone in my back pocket when I am standing up and something that I do when I sit down, and I will just put it out on a table or in my bag or backpack, if I have that around I set it near my place if I am sitting down at dinner or lunch out or something to keep it away, from you know your testosterone generators I guess lets call them or some of your primary testosterone generators. Something else you can do when you are not using your cell phone or going through periods when you are not using it during the day is shut it off, put it on airplane mode, or turn off your cellular network.

So that’s not having as high of frequency signals that it’s sending out or receiving from the cellular network, and I just found out too recently that being connected to wifi is also something, so if you have your laptop computer sitting on your lap, that’s something that can also greatly reduce your testosterone production. So you want to watch out for that. I have seen several different laptop carrier cases that you can set on your lap, and then you can set the Computer to help reduce the effect of those waves. So now you have a few different options and now you have got a better idea a much better idea. Some of the things that we use daily are computers, cell phones, and smartphones. Who would have thought they would greatly reduce the free testosterone our body is allowed to produce? So make sure you are using these few healthful habits.

mobile radiation

Put it on airplane mode or turn off your cell. When you don’t need it, you should shut off the wifi on your phone. Like I said, I carry mine in my back pocket or set it out as often as possible or keep it in a bag when I can, so take these, apply them, and get that free testosterone going even more now; you can get this testosterone reducing things out of your life or at least not use them as often or just put them on a safe mode so it doesn’t affect your testosterone as badly.

How 10 minutes of relaxation a day can multiply your testosterone

Relaxation isn’t only an underestimated use of therapy that we need to incorporate into our daily lives. It’s something that also can increase testosterone production by a dramatic amount and seriously multiply testosterone. So when we are stressed, we go through a fight or flight response, as they call it professionally, or your body and mind go into crisis mode as they can sense danger or stress, whether it’s about money or you are about to get hit by a car. Hopefully, that’s not the case, but whatever it may be, your body produces cortisol, a stress hormone that limits testosterone production. Let me reiterate that cortisol, the production of cortisol vs stress, limits testosterone production. So the negative side effect of this is a suppressed libido, suppressed aggression, or assertiveness, and also knocks away the competitive drive, which is something that’s going to be beneficial as far as getting into the gym and working out is going; you are going to be wanting to hit your numbers in the gym and lifting heavy weights. So if your competitive drive is taken away because of your stress, you will probably not be hitting the weights repetition volume intensity that you need to.

So keep in mind that stress is something you need to get better at managing if you are going to be serious about your testosterone production because if you can nail everything else in this article series, your exercise will be helpful.  But if you can learn to relax, and I am just going to say 10 minutes a day should be your bare minimum goal, and if you don’t have 10 minutes a day, you don’t have a life. And I know some people work 70, 80, and 90 hours weekly.  But you can take 10 minutes out of your day, whether at your desk at home or night before you Go to bed in the morning before, during, and after you eat breakfast. At some point during the day, just practice: just close your eyes and sit back in a chair or lay on the couch or something and just close your eyes and either enjoy the silence or listen to music, or there are some great phone applications out there.  It’s a sleeping application that can generate all kinds of noises like soft rain a day at the beach and other combinations. It will greatly help you. I would highly recommend downloading one of these on your phone or listening to music, something familiar, something common, or maybe something new, and just closing your eyes and taking huge deep breaths and trying not to think about anything that’s going on in your day or any stress or anything that’s could be causing you any kind of positive or negative stress, just be in the zone, get in the zone take a deep breath let it out and just repeat and focus on the breath. I know it sounds stupid to some of you, but you know relaxation is a form of meditation that is great for your general health and stress levels.

But it’s also going to improve your testosterone reduction or testosterone production greatly. Rather, going to reduce your stress is going to be a stress reduction.  So keep in mind don’t underestimate the power of relaxation in your day, it doesn’t have to be anything complicated. It doesn’t have to be ritualistic. I mean, it can be simple, you know, what I like to do sometimes is just lay on the floor, and I know it sounds funny, and why wouldn’t you lie on the couch or somewhere else? If I can just lay on a comfy carpeted floor for some reason, laying on the floor helps me just push everything and life out and to relax while others take 10 minutes; I put on some music, close my eyes, and rest my head or if you can I mean if you have got more time in the day feel free to take a nap. The more you sleep, the better for testosterone production and workout recovery. So please take some time to relax to do your body some good to your hormones and do your mind some good.

Double your testosterone and burn more fat in 20 minutes.

So you might think this might sound too good to be true, that you could only put in 20 minutes a week extra of exercise and experience a huge surge in testosterone where I am here to tell you that you would be wrong and you should be happily wrong in this because just doing 20 minutes or even 10 to 20 minutes of high interval training per week can show huge, huge testosterone generation increase in testosterone numbers.

So, what is high-intensity interval training? You might ask. If you haven’t read my previous articles, I will explain them. We will be doing high-interval training, and we will keep it in its simplest form of making sprints in an interval fashion. So this is as easy if you are a runner; just get into running because you have been running before or are comfortable running.

sprint for testosterone

You can go out to a field or find a hill. If you want to increase the intensity, enjoy doing hill sprints.  They are great for many reasons, testosterone production in one of them. I could almost do an entire series on sprinting, but that’s neither here nor there for this series. To find a field or a hill and what you are going to do is just sprint up it or sprint across that field for a designated period or distance, whatever that distance may be, if you run into a football field, you might want to do 20 30 or 40 yards or something like that and then rest and recover, and that’s important you know to give your body enough time to recover so that you will be mostly fresh again from when you hit that next sprint.

And I would say give yourself a good warm-up, maybe five minutes of just jogging or doing some mobility exercises to warm your joints and leg muscles before you sprint. And then I would say keep your sprints from 10 to 20 minutes if we are starting.  I would say do 10 minutes of sprints first sprint, you know, 20 to 40 yards or whatever is a good distance for you. This mostly comes down to personal preference and experience here. And then, if you are more experienced, you will be recovering in less time. If you are less experienced, you are just starting. No worries, you will be experiencing the same testosterone surge of production. Your training volume or density will be a little smaller, but you will get there over time, furthering your testosterone efficiency as far as producing it goes. One thing to remember here is don’t go all out and blast yourself.

You want to make sure that you don’t put your body completely debilitated from running your sprints and that you do give yourself enough recovery time because if you overwork yourself and your workout, and we are going to cover this in a different lecture, as well if you overtrain yourself and your workout you are going to elicit a greater cortisol response to your body will be stressed from all the fatigue that you have caused your muscles all the damage essentially that you have caused your muscles during your workout.

So you want to make sure you have recovery time between your sprints, and for some of you, that will be less, and that’s perfectly fine. It’s still going to help increase your testosterone levels. I am just saying that if you work up to twice a week and you would like to incorporate 10 minutes here and there, maybe twice a week after your workouts or on another day of the week that you are not in the gym lifting or at home lifting, then that would be fantastic as well so keep those principles in mind at running was just the example that I used here you could use this for boxing and go hard for  20 to 30 seconds and then rest for a minute. You could do it for swimming, cycling, walking up hills quickly, or on a treadmill. Any of those choices would be perfectly fine, and if you have questions about that, please just post in the comment section. I will let you know if your chosen high-intensity interval training method is great for testosterone production.

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