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The dirty truth about supplements and testosterone – Part 5

Now I gave this article a really funny title because I think there is a  lot of people out there who swear by supplements as many as there are people out there who say avoid supplements at all costs because we are not sure what ingredients are in these things and they could tear down your results and they could turn you in to a werewolf and all these kind of things. And the reality is there are good supplements there are bad supplements, And there are a lot of natural supplements in our case that can enhance your testosterone production. We already covered that foods that are rich in omega 3 fatty acids are really awesome for increasing your testosterone production

And you can get those omega 3 fatty acids from supplements like for instance I take a fish oil supplement and there are several other kinds of fish supplements or fish oil oriented supplements like cod liver oil and doesn’t that just sound like the most delicious thing on the planet you can take that in capsule form.  You can get some that taste better than others by just doing a little research online.

There are plenty of really great forums for discussing flavor if they have a fishy aftertaste or anything like that and trust me there are capsules that have more of a terrible fishy aftertaste than other so I would definitely do some research on this and you may be taking them one to three times a day in order to increase your testosterone but this is a natural supplement and especially if you are not a seafood eater I would highly recommend taking a fish oil  supplement or any cod liver oil supplement to increase your testosterone levels. So we are just going o be talking about some natural ways to supplement a little extra testosterone production.

We are not going to get into anything crazy that you may risk getting a heart attack but as I said, in the beginning, you should always check with your doctor or a physician before you decide to start taking any kind of supplements just to make sure that you are in good enough health to be participating in something like this.

I hope you took my advice in beginning and you already went to see your doctor physician for you to began this article series and talked to him about your testosterone, got tested and found out what are your testosterone levels were like and your cholesterol levels as well. And that’s something that’s going to be really beneficial working in the future and monitoring those testosterone and cholesterol levels, for the better production in the future.

Why whey is great for testosterone boosting

So one of the first recommendations I’ll make as far as what supplements you should use for boosting your testosterone is just getting a whey protein. And my rule of thumbs for buying a protein is fairly simple. I look for a few ingredients as possible just because if you get too many convoluted ingredients on the list the more I think watered down the protein is going to be. And the other thing is you don’t want to have to research 30 to 40 different ingredients items that you weren’t sure what they are and have to go to identify them on the internet somewhere.

So I like to keep it simple as possible the whey protein is great for boosting your testosterone because of some of the obvious reasons that we talked about earlier in the article and that the more muscle mass you have the better your body can fight fat the leaner you are the more testosterone and growth hormone that you are going to produce. Also, whey protein is great because by increasing your muscle growth you will be able to lift more weight. And what we do know about lifting more weight and being able to push more weight and up our intensity is that it increases our testosterone production as well so if we are making sure to take care of our muscle and benefit from making them bigger by getting enough protein.  And sometimes it is really hard to eat enough chicken breast to get protein and that’s why I recommend drinking your protein can be a lot easier.

A lot of time mixing a shake after your workout so protein works because like I said its great to fuel your muscles after a workout. It makes them bigger reduces the amount of body fat that you have on your body which is great for testosterone production also has been shown to increase your workout recovery time so that you can recover faster get back in the gym slam on the weights and more and that’s obviously another way to increase your testosterone production if you time your protein pre-workout by a couple of hours. It will help by entering your bloodstream just about the right time during your workouts so that you have an abundance of energy that you can utilize to bring up your intensity in the gym and lift heavier weights as well so there are so amazing benefits of why I would recommend whey protein.  A couple of brands that I know of that are fairly cheap and are six stars and body fortress and you can typically get those in like Walmart, Kroger or Ralphs, I think you probably get them online as well.

I just bought a five pound bag of muscle tech whey protein that’s very simple as far as ingredients go I think it was about $40 to do a little bit of research online give yourself I would say 20 or 30 Minutes to go read up on some brands and check some recommendations from some other online fitness forums that you may trust and I will put down my recommendations on this article as well so that you really have kind of a good list to go from going in to buying your whey protein supplements.

The weird supplement you should never underestimate

We are going to be talking about a weird but yet popular supplement that you should never underestimate and that is fish oil I know I bought this up earlier but for those of you who aren’t regular seafood eaters. Listen up fish oil is very very important and it’s pretty amazing actually the benefits that fish oil linked to. Well, I guess I would say they are not directly related to testosterone but hey will keep you in the gym and out of getting injured. As fish oil has been shown to be great for your joint health and keeping great viscosity of the tissues. In your joints to prevent all the popping and cracking. It also supposed to reduce inflammation in the joints and the muscle fibers which happens inevitably.

While you are working out on lifting which you will be doing on this testosterone workout program so reducing inflammation will also increase oxygen and blood flow to your muscles which is amazing for reducing injury and also muscle fiber recruitment so that you are allowed to do more work and produce more force to lift those workloads. While you are in the gym. So we have got those for fish oil like I said not directly related to testosterone production but extremely important for your muscular and joint health and then vascular health as well.

A lot of bodybuilders and physique athletes incorporate this into their diet because it’s been linked to showing higher recruitment of free fatty acids in your body and converting those to energy to be used during exercise so that you can oxidize those which is fantastic. So improving your body energy production and keeping your body fat lower and one of the best things that I can say about fish oil besides all of the benefits a lot of them are tested some of the untested but there are strong linkages too that fish oil is just really affordable it becomes one of the most popular supplements on the market but still maintain price integrity is relatively cheap you can get it. It is really affordable. Now go ahead and I will include some links in this article or further down the road as well.

Some fish oil supplements that I recommend. I mean its easy enough to go look at them online especially you want to make sure if you don’t  get the capsules with the fishy taste or the fishy after taste, one of the funniest things we know about fish oil is the fishy after burps that some people get from certain capsules so I will include some links to find some great fish oil capsules and this as well so go get yourself some fish oil.

There is a ton of benefits for it and its really affordable and I hope that it will help testosterone production directly or indirectly and for muscle growth and reducing inflammation in the body.

The sneaky stimulant that could make or break your testosterone

There is one really funny and I like to call sneaky stimulant. They can either greatly benefit your testosterone production or it can rip it limb from limb.

Now it is not really that dramatic but it can definitely take a toll on your testosterone if its abuse. And I hate to say this too because of its one of my favorite stimulants of all times. It’s perfectly legal and its commonly accepted in basically every household around the country and that’s coffee. I absolutely love coffee. If I can say one thing about myself openly and honestly to my readers is that some days I definitely drink too much of it.

The downside to caffeine our favorite household stimulant is that it tastes so good and makes the kitchen and house smell so wonderful in the morning or in the evening after dinner having and after dinner.  Is that too much caffeine will make you jittery and nervous and that nerves and stress in itself are terrible for testosterone production. Don’t make you lose focus and happy nerves are directly linked to a decrease in testosterone production.

The adverse of that which we will cover later is being less stress actually helps you increase your testosterone production back to caffeine my favorite little stimulant and so but caffeine on the other hand if you time it well you can use it as a beneficial supplement for improving and increasing your testosterone.

So what I like to do is that before I go into a workout lets say maybe an hour or an hour and a half before you know if I am cramming maybe a half an hour I will make myself a cup or a couple of cups of coffee and I know some people who take green tea extract supplements I believe that’s one of them or just a regular caffeine supplement before they go in for their workouts and they make sure they can generate more work.

But its been directly link there are several studies about this going on at any given time about the benefits of caffeine and exercise. But clearly, caffeine gives you more energy so you are going to be able to put more work and effort into your workouts when you go into that whether it be strength based which I hope yours is, and that’s for testosterone or cardiovascular based or a combination of strength and cardiovascular exercise that caffeine will help give you a natural energy boost to get in the gym and get more work done.

The one thing I will say is to stay away from the cream and sugar drink you should drink coffee black if you can if you absolutely have to put a little something in there I like unsweetened almond milk and coconut milk. Just give it a little color give it a little flavor but I love my coffee black person, and I think it’s great for you I think in testosterone speak it will help put some hair on your chest as well. And I don’t think it will really do that but I just like to say well I drink my coffee black that’s why I have got a hairy chest. But if you don’t want that maybe you want to put a little almond milk in there. But I would totally recommend that out find yourself sluggish especially before going to the gym have a cup of coffee or check out some caffeine supplements online there are a lot of them out there a lot of natural ones. I had a green tea extract for a while but I would use to take before my morning workout and it was basically the same concentration as a cup of coffee it was just in pill form if I didn’t have time to drink a cup of coffee because I was rushing out the door in the morning and that’s probably a great list that I should include for you on this article is some great natural caffeine supplements that you can take. If you are not a coffee drinker. I respect if you ‘re not a coffee drinker I am very disappointed.  But I do respect if you are not a coffee drinker. So let me add some resources in this video some safe and natural caffeine supplements that you can use that you can get in there and you can crank out those workouts and boost that testosterone.

The holy grail of testosterone production – Vitamin D

And this is really fun exciting and even surprising note about a commonly known vitamin, vitamin D which we derive from the sunlight being outside in the sun. Great for your skin, great for your health. In terms of the vitamin absorption put you in a better mood it makes you a little more optimistic and enthusiastic. So that’s obviously great for testosterone production that helps you to relax a little bit. The one thing that you may not have known about vitamin D is that its almost like a steroid like a legal steroid hormone that your body needs a steroid hormone as some people refer to it which I think is really funny in just a couple of articles that I have read online people calling it a steroid hormone that  kind of makes vitamin D sounds terrifying but it’s not it’s completely natural.

And apparently, vitamin D governs a lot of different functions in the body. And one of them happens to be growth hormone secretion. So if you are vitamin D sufficient you are not going to producing as much growth hormone which means your testosterone production is going to be low therefore enters our wonderful vitamin D and that can elevate our level of growth hormone production. It will help us gain muscle mass in the gym, lose body fat and also increase our testosterone production.

As a result, so make sure to take your vitamin d.  so the other supplements ill go ahead and include a list of some different vitamin d variants you can take it in liquid form or capsule form. So go ahead and throw that in for you.  Keep in mind vitamin D is very very very important, enjoy. Vitamin D is a wonderful thing.

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