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How your stomach has been destroying your testosterone. Part 2

Now you may think this is a funny title for an article. But here is a very very very good reason that your stomach or your belly or beer belly is affecting your testosterone levels.

If you have an increased amount or abnormal amount or above average amount abdominal fat you are severely restricting your testosterone production. And this is actually working on multiple levels here. First of all abdominal fat by scientific research and testing has been shown to restrict testosterone production. It’s not just a hormonal thing. It’s physiological.

Testosterone and depression

Just having more fat on our bodies in general but particularly around our stomach has been shown to lower insulin sensitivity and as a result of that and other factors lower our testosterone production and our body’s ability to produce testosterone.

The other side of that is having more abdominal fat lowers your self-confidence having lower. Self-confidence is directly tied with testosterone as well and it has kind of a synergic effect as you will find with many issues that we talk about with testosterone and in many of these lectures and That higher testosterone is linked to higher confidence and higher confidence yields higher testosterone so they both work in this synergistic circle and this looping effect of one increases the other.

That being said I would definitely recommend getting either some measuring tape or any body fat calipers to check your body fat and monitor your body particularly your stomach fat as you go through this series.

It is as simple as going to get measured at the doctor. If you have a gym membership right now you can just go in and they will usually do a free assessment where they can take your body fat percentage for you so that you can monitor that as you go through this series and you can see the direct correlation you will find between your testosterone production and your body fat and particularly your belly fat.

The major reason you don’t have enough testosterone

As I mentioned before your testosterone is hugely affected by your level and type of physical activity. So a couple of major reasons why you might not have a lot of available or free testosterone as they call it is because you are either not working out or currently not working out or exercising in any way and shame on you.

Seriously shame on you, I mean as a trainer I can say I am very disappointed now, I am just kidding. I am so excited that you are going through this series because if you have never been physically active before in your life I here to give you the exact way the exact routine I am gonna lay out a plan for you so you can  engage in the right kind of physical activity and the exact exercise you are going to need to elevate your testosterone to levels that you never even thought were imaginable.

And if you are in that first category great.  I cannot wait to teach you I am so excited to show you these exercises that are going to take your testosterone game to the next level If you are in the second category which you are gonna have to openly admit this is tough for some of us to put our pride away and accept the fact that you are about to hear but you may not know how to work out correctly to elicit the proper testosterone production.

I know this sheerly from the fact that if I look at any given individual in the gym and observe what they are doing male or female I would say it’s a toss of a coin as to whether I see someone doing what I would refer to as an effective exercise versus and ultimately ineffective exercise or something that’s even dangerous or harmful I can’t tell you how many crazy things I see in the gym on a daily basis and I just question what are they doing. What is the goal of this and most of the time even as an experienced trainer and health professional I can’t even tell what the goal of the exercise is what they are focusing on working or what kind of response they are trying to elicit from their body So as I mention when it comes to physical activity it is key in elevating your testosterone production if you don’t currently workout that’s fantastic I want to show you all the exercises you need to set up a routine for you and tell you everything you need to know even the times that you will be lifting over the course of one repetition of an exercise so you will be completely taken care of.

I teach people like you in person every day and I have such a great tool online here on this website that I can use them to show you how to perform these movements and how to perform these workouts and if you are currently working out but may not be doing so correctly, time to put your pride aside for a second. Be open to some new things. This is how we continue to learn and transform our bodies and education.

We are just going to pack away the pride for as second.  I am going to show you some of these incredibly simple and effective techniques for boosting your testosterone and how to train so you can take some fun new things into the gym and have a great goal of boosting your testosterone.

Click here for part 3

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