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Why your old workouts aren’t cutting more – Part 3

So here we will identify why your old workout program isn’t cutting it. And I want to say in the beginning that there is no offense to your previous workout program. Except that it wasn’t geared towards producing more testosterone before, I am going to customize your old plan a little bit so we can enhance testosterone production.

Now, before you might have been focused on losing fat or gaining muscle mass, the two of the most common goals in a fitness program are getting six-pack abs or losing body fat, which I will cover in my next article is another popular topic and huge goal that people want to have at some point in their lives. But this particular program is going to discuss how to enhance testosterone production. Muscle growth and fat loss will be a part of it. But that also comes with improved and elevated testosterone levels. So, if you were formerly attending fitness classes, that’s probably not a tool for what we will do in this series. You are getting something a little more customized, a little more tailored to your results of increasing your testosterone levels, and that means whether you go into yoga, high-intensity interval training, athletic training, cross-fit classes, boxing, etc.

That will not be specifically tailored toward what you are trying to get out of your workout. If your goal is testosterone your activities as I mentioned before if you have just been going to the gym and working out of a program that a friend gave you or somebody suggested to you or something that you just cooked up all on your own from reading separate articles on the internet when you didn’t know that this is something better than that as far as enhancing your testosterone levels as I said before unless you are already doing some workout that a professional gave you for the specific purpose or producing higher testosterone via your workouts.

If you are in personal training, most personal trainers, or at least the personal trainers that I know I have talked to about testosterone production, and they know the basics about how testosterone affects the body, a little bit about the physiological effects how testosterone produces or how testosterone is produced in the body and how the human body functions on it.

But they won’t tailor and custom tailor a fitness nutrition plan towards increasing testosterone output by two to three times. Many people speaking of fitness plans for yourself participate in all cardio. I know people who go into the cardio machines and do cardio five to seven times a week for 30 minutes to an hour and a half sometimes; if you are doing all cardio right now, cardio is essential to any workout program and has its place.

We need to make sure we take care of our hearts. That’s one of the best ways to keep our heart healthy, prevent cardiovascular disease, and make sure that muscle is getting trained. But also, we don’t want to focus on all cardio. It has its place. If you are doing all strength training right now, not incorporating any cardio, and just going set by set, you are doing your body a giant disservice. Yes, strength training is precious in building muscle mass. Getting rid of body fat and increasing testosterone production, but if you are doing it in the wrong way and you are not conditioning your heart, you are missing out big time on the benefits of improving your testosterone your muscular health, your cardiovascular health as well, so sit back I will take you through your testosterone exercises that you are going to need for this and the rest of everything you are going to need to know in fitness for boosting your testosterone levels.

4 Exercises that will take your testosterone to the next level

Now that we are getting into the specifics of your training plan for boosting your testosterone, this is exciting. This is one of my favorite topics to cover, so I love talking about how to construct your workouts for specific goals, such as increasing your testosterone. The biggest thing that you need to keep in mind to boost testosterone during your training is we are going to focus on using big muscle groups and significant muscle group movements because they require the most energy and elicit the most testosterone and, therefore, growth hormone production to increase muscle growth and something that we know about testosterone and growth hormone and muscle growth is that leads to even greater testosterone production and that will help eliminate body fat as well and gain muscle mass. So, we will elicit more growth hormone production from your body because you will be placing higher demand on your body to perform big lifts to perform big exercise lifts to form big muscle group movements such as squats, deadlifts, chest presses, or bench presses. Then, I would like to leave the last section for rowing movements so we can work our back muscles in that way, rowing movements or pull-ups and chin-ups.


So, as I said, these four movements here are going to be your crucial arsenal for increasing testosterone production and growth hormone production in your body and boosting those testosterone levels lengths you may have been familiar with these exercises before and incorporated squats and deadlifts rowing variations or pull-ups. There were chest presses. You may not have realized how precious these movements are in boosting your testosterone levels.

And of course, isolation movements like triceps extensions, shoulder raises, bicep curls, calf races, all the secondary muscle groups or isolated muscle groups have their place because they will benefit you in being able to perform heavier lifts, and those more prominent muscle group movements like the squat, deadlifts, bench press and then your variations because the secondary muscle groups are a massive assistance in making those bigger muscle group movements happen. But keep in mind here that the crux and the foundation of your training plan are going to be this giant muscle group movement; the legs consist of some of the biggest muscle groups in the body, so we’re going to make sure we Recruit our quadriceps and hamstrings, and even our hips, and our glute so that we can elicit more growth hormone production and a higher testosterone output to elevate your testosterone levels.

Heavy lifting 101: how to ramp up your testosterone production

So this is heavy lifting 101 this is one of the most important things that you can do an exercise to make sure that you can increase your testosterone production I will explain to you in this article lifting more weight will also increase your intensity. It increases your testosterone production because your body needs more testosterone when lifting heavier weights. Your body responds by producing more testosterone and growth hormone to adapt to the increased intensity and level of weight that you are placing on your body, so when you increase that workload and increase that intensity, your body says oh crap, you know I have to lift a ton of weight now in this particular way. To do that, it decreases your body fat and grows bigger and stronger muscles, so you produce more testosterone and more growth hormone. As a result of lifting heavier weights, use those big compound lifts I discussed earlier.

And this also serves a dual purpose. This is cool about exercise and incorporating that into your life as part of your testosterone production plan. Because exercise in itself, as we just talked about, naturally increases your testosterone level by responding to the workload placed on you by the exercise you are doing.

But having less body fat, as we discussed in our earlier lectures, is a great way to increase your testosterone production naturally. You have this incredible synergy and effect between losing fat and gaining testosterone and growth hormone by lifting.

When you are in the gym or working out at home, exercising decreases your body fat. Having a lower natural level of body fat also improves your body’s production of testosterone and, therefore, growth hormone.

So now you have unlocked the magical secret, or we have opened the supernatural mystery together of how exercise, in particular, can help you boost your testosterone and growth production.

The elite training secret amplified testosterone (volume and density)

Here are some more elite training secrets that you can use to boost your testosterone production. They are secrets, and they sound nice that way.

But many people don’t realize that these training principles are excellent methods for amplifying your testosterone production, and heavy lifting, which we already discussed, is the biggest when you want to increase your intensity during your workouts. Still, we also want to increase your volume, especially with your primary muscle group lifts, your compounds lift that we discussed earlier, your squat, your deadlift, your rowing, or your pulling exercises, and your chest press as well and your chest exercise as well so what does having a higher training volume mean.

And that means we will increase the number of sets and reps and the total weight lifted due to your work. So, that’s how exactly you can calculate your training volume for a given workout. You multiply the sets of each respective exercise that you have done, the number of reps that you have done, and then multiply that times the amount of weight that you are lifting for each of those sets, and then you get the total weight lifted throughout your exercise so boning up on your training volume is going to be huge for producing more testosterone naturally. And here is the principle that we want to go into the gym with each time we go in: aim for at least 30 reps, I would say 20 to 50, or 30 to 60 reps of each of your major muscle group exercises, that you go in for that so say you are working legs that day you have to do 30 to 50 reps or 30 to 60 reps of your squat and your deadlift and you can do it throughout a couple of different exercises like if you want to use a front squat for instance for half of those reps and a barbell back squat for another half of those reps just as long as you get that volume and the other principle is which is maybe breaking your older workout habits as well.

We typically like to train, or many people want to train with the three-by-ten method of doing three sets of 10 reps of everything. Another common one is just three sets of eight to 12 reps. We aim for during each set, and what we want to do here is, since we are increasing our heavy lifting workout intensity, we will go for a lower amount of reps for each set.

So, we will be doing more total sets to knock out those reps because that heavier lifting will also increase testosterone production, so we are using this fused method here.

I guess you could call it lifting heavier weights and also increasing our volume by having to do more sets to be able to hit that 30 to 50 reps range in there, so, for instance, you might want to do, you know, if your goal is to hit 35 total reps you might do a five by seven so five sets of seven reps during your set you might want to do a five by five for those front squats we are talking about, and then five by five for back squats you can hit those 50 total reps so we want to train at a high volume here for this heavy set. The other thing you will naturally improve over time is your testosterone increases by upping the volume in your training density. What I mean by your training density is that as your testosterone production increases, your growth hormone production increases. You will be able to do more work and lift more weight over the same period if you keep your workouts to, let’s say, 45 minutes when you go in for your strength training.

You will be able to know two weeks from now you will be able to perform more sets and lift more weight than you were today two weeks ago if you look at it from the perspective of your future self.

So upping your volume and upping your heavy lifting intensity, barring that you are eating right, which we will discuss later to up your testosterone production, your body’s going to naturally develop by requiring less recovery time between your workouts during the week, between your exercises between your training and between your sets you are going to become a lot more efficient at working out because you have already increased your testosterone and growth hormone. As a result of that increase of your testosterone and growth hormone, this is a compounded effect because it will allow you to increase your training density.

So increasing your weights and lifting heavier and increasing your volume already producing more growth hormone and testosterone will automatically increase your training density over time, and that’s another way to triple up on the testosterone production right there. So those are the two elite training secrets of increasing your testosterone when you are working out.

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