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Why failure should not be a part of your vocabulary – Testosterone – Part 7

This is extremely important. And I have left this for the last part of this series because I thought some of you might pay attention. To this a little bit more, but why? Failure is no longer a part of your vocabulary. Is that training for muscular failure when working out in the gym not good?

I repeat it’s not good for testosterone production. The reason is that I mentioned this a bit in the HIT, the high-intensity interval training session.

When you are training your muscle groups to fail, that’s putting a lot of fatigue on your body, and that does two things.

It produces a higher cortisol response, so a higher stress response from your body, which, as we know, limits testosterone production. So that’s not good. That is a no-go. It also reduces your ability to train frequently and efficiently because your muscles become fatigued if you work. Let’s say you train the lower part of your body and your abs twice a week. Let’s say that’s an example split day for you if you completely blast your legs on Tuesday and you are supposed to do legs on Tuesday and Friday.

There is a good chance that if you work to complete fatigue and every exercise you do, you will be too exhausted and not completely recovered for your second workout on Friday. So besides having a higher cortisol response to the stress that you are placing on your body, you are also exhausting your muscles to the point of not being able to recover quickly enough to get in for Your second training session, which means less strength, less muscle mass, less testosterone, and less growth hormone production, which is bad for your testosterone levels.

So don’t worry about the train to failure. I tell my clients and students to keep two to three reps in the tank at the end. I could have done a few more reps and kept in mind that we are focusing on our volume and density, so focus on getting tons of sets and a few reps as we discussed earlier, doing a five by five or five by seven or seven by five.

Set up for you so that you can focus on explosiveness and lifting heavy because that will enhance the best testosterone and growth production. So please don’t train to fail. Is that good for other programming? Yes, it is that good, producing a better testosterone response in your body. Not.

Explosive movements for enhanced testosterone

Incorporating explosive movements into your workout program will be excellent for ramping up your testosterone, just like we talked about lifting heavier and being explosive by sprinting instead of long-distance running. The same effect applies to another form of exercise: what I mean by explosive.

For instance, I was doing box jumps the other day at the gym. So you are incorporating a squat and a jump to elevate yourself to a higher position to an explosive Move scraped testosterone production medicine ball slams wall balls slide pushes truck tire slam with the sledgehammer. If you can access that, you can usually find those affordable and cheap sandbagger kettlebell swings. There are a ton of different exercises that you incorporate that are explosive and are going to ramp up your testosterone.

So, you only demand that much effort from our body for that explosive force in that few seconds of movement, geared towards doing the actual exercise or eliciting a greater growth hormone and testosterone response from our bodies. Because our bodies are telling us to adapt to that movement. Wow, I am doing a lot more work than I was before. This is an intense movement. I need to build my muscle fibers and ramp up my growth hormone production and testosterone so they will be ready for the next movement, whether it’s the next repetition, the next set, or the next time you are in to work out.

So, anyway, incorporating explosive movements is a great way to ramp up your testosterone. You can find a lot of great ones online from other health experts.

One cool hack to skyrocket your testosterone

So, there is one cool hack that you can use. And in reality, there are tons of them that you can use to skyrocket your testosterone. I am fascinated with the ones that take as little time as possible for high-intensity interval sprints. That’s one of them that we discussed earlier.

Little things like putting your cell phone on airplane mode. Those are the things that save time to increase your testosterone dramatically, or here is one of them.

I am not sure if you knew or not. Cold water and cold temperatures are things that dramatically increase your testosterone, and there are some intimate details in the science Of how this works that I don’t need to go into explaining, but if you can trust me on this one and if you are interested in the science, you can check in my references section and read some Of the research behind this, why does this make sense? But cold exposure, even brief cold exposure daily or weekly, is excellent for boosting testosterone production.

So I would recommend doing that if you are intense, you can take a 10-minute ice bath daily. I would say try that five days a week, or if that’s a little too extreme for you and you don’t want to Go out of your way to get those ice bags or get the ice out of the freezer. You can always just turn your shower from hard to cold.

What do I like to do in the morning or the evening? I will just shower on my normal heat and usually do that to get clean. Then, I will switch the water slowly from hot to cold. Not something that would be shiver-inducing or teeth-chattering, but pretty close, and I will try to stay Under there for anywhere from a minute to five minutes, and I will just let the cold water run down the back of my neck, and that has to do with a huge concentration of brown adipose tissue, which is a kind of fat And is known as fat-burning fat. And if you expose that to cold temperatures, especially a region that’s large cold water, that is a great way of dramatically reducing your temperature very quickly and maximizing your cold response to your testosterone in that cold water. If you have a cold pool that you can jump into, that’s great. Just make sure it doesn’t induce hypothermia. We want to make sure that nobody is getting hypothermia or in a hypothermic state over trying to increase Their testosterone, and that would be a funny one to explain to your doctor. So I would recommend starting with a cold shower, an ice bath, or a bath. Start with a few minutes and see if you can work up to five or ten minutes for the cold portion. Give it a shot.

Don’t get too chilly. Don’t try to bring the sweater in the shower or a blanket or something because it will just get soaking wet. So try the cold exposure thing. Another small hack I like to do is that if you live in a cold region or during winter, you can take advantage of this by shedding a layer. So if you would normally wear a sweater when its 40 degrees outside or a hoodie I just lose the sweater or the hoodie and yeah I have to put up with it being cold when I go on a run for a little bit. But when your body finally warms up you are greatly going to benefit. And the increased testosterone production your body will go through in fighting that cold And trying to operate in that cold. So, you get a little chilly and enjoy the benefits of great testosterone production from your cold hacking.

One particular activist you can throw in your diet to dramatically increase your testosterone supplements is already tasty, and the chances are you are already using it in dishes that you are making. And that’s garlic. There is a specific chemical in garlic called diarrheal sulfide, which increases your testosterone production in your body and gives you a better testosterone response when you are eating.

As far as dosage and how much garlic you want to have in a day to optimize your testosterone production, you will need about 900 milligrams of garlic. I would recommend breaking that up over several servings per day, and that’s as simple as adding a little bit of garlic to your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. So that would be about 300 milligrams per serving if you are doing three meals daily. So garlic is something that already tastes great and something that dramatically helps you increase your

Testosterone seamlessly, so you don’t have to worry about taking any kind of supplements or doing anything outside of your normal schedule you are going to be. Eating. You might as well throw a little garlic on the plate.

How to lean out and gain more muscle

So, if you want to gain muscle and didn’t gather this earlier from reading this course, I will also recommend you. How much protein would I recommend you take while building muscle, and then how much I usually do? So, any of my lifting days will be high-protein days. I learned from tracking my macro nutrition on my fitness pal and losing it. It’s all my lifting. I typically eat a time and a half my body weight in grams daily. So think about that in grams from our protein intake. So when I started gaining mass, let’s say I was 160 pounds, so if you were going for one gram per. A pound of body weight, you would be eating 160 grams of protein. So, if you are working on gaining muscle, I would recommend anywhere between a time and a quarter, which would be about 200 grams, to a time and a half, which would be about 240 grams if you are a 160-pound person so that you can break down those formulas for yourself and how that applies to your weight.

Now, remember you want to cycle your macro nutrition so that your body can keep using those proteins efficiently and utilizing all those proteins that build muscle mass on the days you aren’t lifting. You can downshift the amount of protein you have that day and then upshift the amount of protein in your work. So, I have some personal recommendations for as much protein as you should eat when working on gaining muscle mass. I even had a cycle on your lifting days and not lifting days.

Never forget this

I just want to take this time to say congratulations personally. I am so stoked that you just completed this excellent course that I took the time to put together for you to increase your testosterone. I just want to say again how important it is that we make sure to keep our testosterone levels elevated and in balance, going back to the first module in this lecture in the first section.

How important it is in preventing disease and preventing terrible conditions such as Alzheimer’s. We talked about cardiovascular disease diabetics. Keep your mind sharp. Keeping your body sharp and low, reducing body fat, and increasing the amount of muscle mass you have are just endless benefits to having a balanced amount of testosterone.

We talked about how your diet can affect that, how it can increase the food you need to eat more of the foods you need to eat less of, and how that regulates your hormones. Your exercise program and exactly how to train and keep the intensity high. Keeping the volume high and getting better density as we are going along.

Not training to fail so that you stay fresh for your workouts, keeping two to three reps in the tank, and incorporating high-intensity interval training as a part of your regimen to keep your fat loss down and your testosterone production high.

Give you all the tips, tricks, and hacks you can use. Some of them just take a little bit of time every week or daily, And I just want to stress again how important the relaxation part is because if you are stressed, your cortisol levels will be off the scale. You are not going to have sufficient testosterone production, and you are just not going to enjoy life more once you take this course as something that enhances the rest of your life as well since testosterone Affects so many parts of it. You are going to look younger for longer.

You’re gonna live longer; you are going to resist all these terrible health conditions and diseases, and you are going to look better. You will have better muscle definition and tone, and greater growth hormone production will be sharper, which means you know this could be great for your social life if you want to be a little Wittier and more cunning in conversation. Well, I know that developing your testosterone and continuing to increase your testosterone does great Things for your confidence, meaning you will be more outgoing socially. So I just want to say again, as your instructor.

Thank you so much for allowing me to do this. I cannot tell you how excited I get to teach and interact with you and hear about how my students and clients’ lives are changing by applying these principles.

It’s one of the best parts of my life, so I can’t even call health and fitness a job for me. I guess it is my area of expertise, but it’s my passion and how I can give to you. So I hope you can just take this course in stride and apply it to your life. Make it fit in with your current goals, and just see how that will enrich and enhance So many areas of your life. Thank you so much. Thank you. I can’t thank you enough for taking this and supporting me as an instructor.

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