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What your doctor didn’t tell you about cholesterol – Part 4

So this is another really fun topic to cover and it’s the secrets and things that your doctor did not tell you about your cholesterol levels. And for years now we have been led to believe that having high cholesterol is a bad thing and eating food that is really dense and cholesterol are a bad thing. The funny thing about this is that cholesterol is the building block of testosterone production. I know what you are thinking right now I already told you that having a higher testosterone level. Actually, prevent you from having heart disease.

Well, how does that work if cholesterol increases your chance of getting heart disease. Well, it’s a little bit complicated but I am going to break it down a little bit right here and truth, the truth about cholesterol is that there are two kinds of it. There is LDL cholesterol which is bad cholesterol as it stands for low-density lipoprotein, and there are high-density lipoprotein HDL as we call it which is good cholesterol. Now if you have higher LDL in your bloodstream that’s bad cholesterol and if that’s in your bloodstream. That can actually plaque up on the walls of your arteries and eventually cause heart disease by a decrease in the blood and oxygen flow that your body’s ability to produce.

good cholesterol hdl bad cholesterol ldl

But the HDL is on the other hand having a higher number in HDL is better so we want a higher number of HDL cholesterol and lower number when it comes to LDL cholesterol because That HDL those high-density lipoproteins actually pull that bad cholesterol LDL cholesterol out of the bloodstream. So it prevents them from planking up and building those blockades in the arteries so that your bloodstream and oxygen flow can actually work more efficiently and flow smoothly like it needs to.

And we will be covering the foods later some of the best foods that you’ll be eating to increase your HDL levels and lower your LDL levels so there is the truth behind cholesterol and testosterone production. And yes this is what your doctor hasn’t been telling you about your cholesterol levels.  And no I am not encouraging you to get a heart attack. Obviously, that’s why I am here giving you this lesson on how cholesterol actually works and the different kinds of cholesterol and how that affects your body. So take that for what It is.

We are going to be trying to increase our HDLs and the lower LDL so we are going to get you in better cholesterol shape and better cholesterol health and overall health by increasing your testosterone and preventing some of these terrible conditions that we talked about that you could suffer from having low testosterone the conditions that we discussed at the beginning of this article so lets get started. And I will give you a little bit of education on the foods that are going to increase that good cholesterol and decreased that bad cholesterol.

The best food for big testosterone

Guys you can guess there is a lot of food that you can be eating and incorporate into your diet right now to increase your level of free testosterone in your system and those foods are typically high in what we call omega 3 fatty acids.

You will find those in fish, nuts, Red meat is a great place to find them too. Two things that are really high in good cholesterol is what we are going to be focusing on in this section, You can do some research online regarding Omega 3 dense foods and include your favorite thing in your diet that will increase your level of HDL and good cholesterol and just some other food that is high in HDL.

Most people joke that you have to become a huge eater or huge fish eater and start eating a lot more seafood  to increase the level of omega 3s in your system and you really don’t worry about it, You can use fish oil capsules and replace that part of your diet in case you are not a seafood fan, I know it’s either you love it or you hate it. Kind of a deal when it comes to seafood. Before taking fish oil capsules first consult your doctor/nutritionist if you are already on some kind of medication.

The worst food for big testosterone

So what kind of health instructor would I be seriously, if I tell you about all the things that would boost your cholesterol? But I failed to tell you about all the fearful terrible things that are going to wreak havoc on your cholesterol levels and destroy your testosterone production. I would not be any kind of good teacher or instructor at all so gives you a little quick overview of the foods that will raise your bad cholesterol and lower your good cholesterol your HDL.

Our foods that are high in saturated fats and trans fats and these are usually pretty complex foods when it comes to the ingredients construction of most of them.

You will find a lot of these in like candy bars donuts a lot of different processed foods like cereals and pastries and that kind of things.

So I have included a general list here of food items that you should stay away from in order to balance your cholesterol levels and keep that bad cholesterol  that LDL low while keeping your HDL good cholesterol

The helps you build all that amazing testosterone really high.  So make sure to keep this list in mind as well when you are choosing your testosterone filled your good cholesterol meals.

How to eat to take your testosterone to the next level

So one method I have employed recently to help boost my testosterone and elevate my muscle gains is using intermittent fasting, Don’t be scared when I say this. A lot of people are scared. The idea of fasting like they are going to be starving. All they do is a really simple principle and most of you may even be doing this naturally right now and don’t even realize it. Intermittent fasting can be as simple as just skipping breakfast in the morning and eating lunch and dinner at a reasonable hour. And just by doing that in itself can elevate for men their hormone growth production their natural growth hormone production up to 2000 percent.

Some tests have shown and what we know about growth hormone production from this series is it. It’s great for testosterone production in building muscle stapling there. And that’s also going to enhance your testosterone.  We talked about the cyclical effect that growth hormone and testosterone have on each other and state leaner building muscle mass and increasing your production.

All I do is I usually eat lunch around 11 or noon and then don’t eat dinner around 7:00 or 8:00 o’clock so I use that eight hour window there as my feeding period and then what I will do I just won’t eat the next day until lunch time and I usually workout either  before lunch or before dinner just depending on what my schedule allows. But that’s a really great simple and effective way to increase your testosterone production.  And it also is proven to increase your longevity. It will help your focus in digestion it will help you eliminate sugar craving that’s great for fat  loss.  We know that less body fat is great for testosterone production.

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