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What is testosterone? Why they are important? Part 1

If you are reading this article your search for how to increase the low levels of your testosterone comes to an end.

I am going to discuss testosterone in detail, I will cover topics like how to optimize your testosterone and, how to increase their production for better health, how to resolve the issue of low testosterone.  I will cover all aspects in 3 to 4 detailed articles I will discuss testosterone in depth to cover each and every topic related to testosterone to make sure you won’t miss a single detail.

I will help you to improve your diet to boost your testosterone levels and not only this, in this series I will cover the physical activities and fitness components, that will help you to boost the production levels of your testosterone.

I will show you all tricks and habits used by Olympians, famous sportsmen and are easy to implement in daily life without any hassle you can also use them to double or triple your testosterone levels safely and all by natural means. I am not going to recommend any hormone injections or anything like that which can bring more harm than benefits in the short term as well as long term. If you have any questions in your mind comment section is all yours ask as many questions as you want I will try my best to answer all of your queries.

Why low testosterone may end your life sooner

One thing that you may have not realized about testosterone is that by increasing it by evaluating if you can prevent certain life-altering and life-threatening conditions that will change your life forever.

The key here is self-realization about your testosterone levels. By evaluating your current testosterone levels you can make sure you are not at risk of life-threatening  conditions which can change your life dramatically just because of low testosterone levels So by simply making small changes in your diet and exercise program right now implementing other lifestyle habits you can successfully raise your testosterone and prevent things that may end your life sooner. Having low testosterone has strong when you get used to making you more prone to things like cancer, Alzheimer, diabetes, osteoporosis, erectile dysfunction, and depression.

If you can simply change a couple things in your current lifestyle to alter your testosterone to take control of your hormone you can potentially change your life forever and add years of your life by preventing these illnesses by preventing these conditions so that you can have more time to enjoy your life and have a better quality of life as well.

So as you delve further into this article series keep in mind why you are taking this not only to enhance your life your lifestyle your attitude and to take control of your hormones but also to prevent some life-altering and life-threatening health conditions as well. So as you are moving along with me it shows your commitment towards your decision that you want to enhance your lifestyle keep your attitude positive and believe in your self you will be able to take control of your hormones and with right and positive set of mind, you will defeat the danger of threatening health conditions.

How to recognize if you have low testosterone

Now that we have discussed in that last terribly morbid lecture of how low testosterone could be ending your life early let’s correct it. Let’s get in there, let’s get in the arena lets get in the zone. So work on bringing that testosterone up, before we do that so take a look at some of the ways that you may be able to recognize that you have low testosterone.

Let’s address this issue lets go to the root cause and rectify this problem of low testosterone levels. So let’s start work on bringing that testosterone levels up before we get into this let me share some of the easiest ways or you can say methods so you may be able to recognize that you may have low testosterone levels. If you have been extremely moody lately have been experiencing radical changes in mood that may be one of the ways that you can identify that you have experienced low testosterone If you noticed mood swings or strange changes in your mood this is one of the ways that you can identify that you have low testosterone level.

One obvious way you can always go to the doctor your physician and get tested for your testosterone levels and they would be a wonderful reference to give you the numbers and right on the money. Here are some clues which will help you to identify if you are low on testosterone if you noticed a decrease in your sex drive or erectile dysfunction then there are fair chances that it is because of your testosterone levels.

Those are a couple of great other ways to identify that you may have low testosterone production if you have noticed a decrease in your strength gains as far as the gym goes. For all of those who do gym or any sort of exercises if you have noticed a decrease in your strength you can  blame low testosterone levels

The amount of work that you are able to perfume in general or loss in muscle mass. That’s another way to identify that your testosterone levels could be low if you have a decreased mood. So if your former optimist turned pessimists or you have overall or decrease in overall feelings of your health and self-confidence that is another great way that could be detrimental to your health. It’s a sign of having low testosterone.

If you were formerly really active and now are having trouble getting yourself off the couch or out of bed to go to the gym play sports with your friends get yard work done to be up on your feet and doing work or having fun. Then that could be another sign of low testosterone production if you noticed an increase in body fat and an increase in abdominal fat particularly. That’s another sign if you are experiencing night sweats or trouble sleeping. You may want to go in to see a doctor or a specialist about that in case it’s something worse. But hopefully, it’s just a case of moderately low testosterone that’s something that we can work with that’s something that we can improve.

Depression is another serious sign of low testosterone if you feel like you have been more depressed lately as before you may want to see a specialist therapist counselor physician somebody who can help you out with that. I would definitely recommend as you do that to get a testosterone test to see if low testosterone levels could be a reason that you are experiencing depression lately. And if you have just loss of enthusiasm in everyday life when you are formally more enthusiastic I would say go get tested for your testosterone get it checked out and anyway these are some of the ways that you can identify if you have low testosterone levels.

How increasing your testosterone can change your life?

So if you haven’t been convinced yet just how much testosterone affects our lives now. We thought it was just the simple hormone that may have governed a few things before like eating red meat and wanting to watch action movies. Now we know testosterone is really the crux of a lot of our existence and its really amazing what it controls in our lives and what it can affect and what it can prevent from happening.

So just to reiterate some of the ways that testosterone can absolutely change our life is it can increase our longevity by preventing all those terrible disease and conditions that I listed off. And one of the previous lectures.

It will increase your quality of life because you will be more enthusiastic to live you will have more energy to get out and be active you will have improved self-esteem you will lower your body fat you will increase. Your muscle mass and become a more functional human being you will be more mentally sharp perceptive and on point, you will be more motivated to get work done it will do amazing things for you. Your social life and the amount of confidence that it brings you just because the energy that you have to get out and do more and be a part of more so if you aren’t convinced that testosterone and raising your testosterone levels could completely change your life.

Please please please finish this article reading before you make any second decision about it. If you have noticed, identified any of those symptoms as things that you may be experiencing that could be an indication that you have low testosterone.

Give some of these a try and I please urge you to go see your physician to get an accurate estimation of what your testosterone levels get them to give you a reading do a blood test on that so you know exactly where your testosterone is at and where you would like to have it and then apply the principles in this article series by simply raising. Your testosterone and using these simple effective and affordable methods. You can completely turn your life around by taking control of your hormones

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